Monday, August 8, 2011

Introducing my recipe rating system.

  Good morning, readers. I'm happy to say 'readerS' now that I have TWO followers. In an effort to streamline my new rating system, I'm introducing Carrot person here with full descriptions of what he's telling you. You know the "smiley face to frowny face/how much does it hurt?" poster in the pediatrician? Well this is the food version. Carrot person's expression will tell you exactly what I thought.

#1 Disgusted carrot person. Needless to say, the dinner marked with THIS carrot was inedible. I will not make this recipe again. Nothing can be done to this recipe that will make me like it. Carrot man cannot stomach such recipes.

#2 BLAH carrot guy. It was edible, but not good or enjoyable. Maybe I would try a recipe with BLAH carrot guy again if I knew what could be added or subtracted to make it better.

#3 Satisfied Carrot Person. "Not too bad, not too bad" says this carrot about the recipe he stands with. I probably know what to do to make this recipe better, and will attempt it again. It was worth the time to cook and money spent on ingredients.

#4 Very Satisfied Carrot Woman. This carrot marks recipes that are VERY good. You will LOVE them, but they won't be "the best thing you ever ate." You will cook them again and again. You will crave them. You will think, "oh man, I just made that dish last week. You know what, I'm making it again this week!"

#5  Extremely Satisfied Carrot Woman. This IS the best thing I've ever ate. I could eat this recipe every day, and not get sick of it. I get so full, and STILL I want to eat more of it. I think, "oh man, I just made that dish yesterday. You know what? I'm making it again today!" It's too die for, this recipe. And that's just what happened to carrot woman. She died in a sea of flavor.

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