Monday, October 17, 2011


"sausage lovers", with roasted asparagus, onions, green
and red bell peppers, white sauce, daiya mozzarella,
pepperoni and chorizo.
 Pizza is the nectar of the Gods, I don't know who ever decided it was orange juice... They're wrong. It's very hard to mess up, once you've got the dough squared away, and I highly recommend making your own. It's cheaper and makes me feel more french, which is ironic... I guess because making my own dough that rises and everything makes me feel very capable as a chef. And I think of France when I think of chefs, and rising bread... Stop asking me questions!

Two-fer-One, a review of Vegan Dad

I'll be reviewing two recipes posted by Vegan Dad today, in an effort to at least get something on here, since I promised I would post before yesterday passed. I know, I know, no one is actually holding you to that promise, Beth. But I'm a vegan of her word now, so if I say I will do something I'm gonna really probably maybe do it, for sure. First up, chick'n burgers (ding!).