Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The "I beat Rachel Ray Jambalaya".

I feel like a dead beat dad. Every time I come visit this blog to write, Blogger (and I actually just had to check and see if that is, in fact, the right name) has changed completely. It's like I haven't seen my baby since he was a, well, baby, and now I've come back to spend some time with the little chap and he's 12 years old and spitting on the sidewalk, and I'm standing here all awkward holding a GI Joe doll. Well let's move on from my guilt and talk about food. That's pretty much the only thing I know anything about anyway. I was debating whether I should write about T.L.C.s (Tempeh Bacon& Tomato, Lettuce, Cheez Sammies) or Jambalaya today, and decided on jambalaya since I veganized a rachel ray recipe and made it (little) better. And who doesn't like one-upping Rachel ray? even if its only by a 1/2 point. So here we go, "Not Rachel's Jambalaya."

The Million Minute Pot Pie

Okay so it doesn't really take a million minutes. It totally felt like it, but maybe that's because I'd never made this before and it was my first time ever making a pie crust. Here is what my pot pie was based upon: (clicky) BUT, and it's a big Butt, I have some major changes and things to remember.

1. Regardless of how mad you get, keep going. Using this much earth balance butter means it is capable of mending a lot of mistakes. And it will be worth it. Don't Give Up! And yes, you can throw utensils around. And curse.