Friday, August 5, 2011

In my top Five list of favorite meals: Black Bean Cornbread Pie

mmmmm Black Beans, Corn, Red Pepper, onions, carrots, tomatoes, spices all under a corn bread topping. This recipe is awesome AND easy. It only uses one pan which is ALWAYS a plus. Here's the recipe: (click)

This recipe is not only super delicious, it's also a good one for adding in extra veggies. I usually add more than just one carrot, sometimes extra pepper and onion too. So it's easy to stretch it a bit further.

Two things happened this time around which turned out to be happy accidents. 1. I didn't realize we were out of cornmeal until I went to get it from the fridge. Lucky for me I had Polenta, and I think this made the topping even better. 2. I forgot to mix in the cilantro until after I spread on the cornbread batter. So I instead inverted the slices and sprinkled the fresh cilantro on top of them, and I must say I will never mix in the cilantro before baking. It was way way better to have it raw.

The only other thing I need to mention is that I made more batter than was called for since the last few times, there just wasn't enough to spread it all around the pan. so I added a 1/4th more of each thing. But I'm not a wizzard so I guessed on a few of the measurements. I used 1 cup polenta, 1 c flour, 2.5 tsp baking powder, probably the same amount of salt, about 3/4 c soy milk, then added canola oil to that measuring cup til it reached a tiny smidge over 1 full cup, and an overflowed TBL of agave. it worked fine, though it maybe could have used another splish of soy milk. It was delicious once cooked, 
so maybe not.

Blogger is doing new and exciting things to confuse me today. All of a sudden it has me typing with the alignment centered, rather than to the left. also I can't seem to type next to the pictures today, only above or below. Which is annoying. Let's see if I can fix it. NOPE. anyway, last two pics, my oven proof pan (THANKS MATT!) just out of the oven and a mouthwatering shot with a slice out of it.

this is Very Satisfied Carrot Man. The only reason this recipe doesn't get "Extremely Satisfied Carrot Man" is because it almost, but doesn't quite match the mind blowing quality of vegan sausages. It's only one tiny step down the deliciousness meter. You will not regret this meal, but it won't be "the most amazing thing ever." On Second thought, I think carrot man needs his own post, to properly introduce him so I don't have to keep typing this up. I don't know how to manage picture locations on here, obviously. I wanted carrot man beneath the food pics entirely. Not shoved in the middle.

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