Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Favorite Dinner, not so great.

I made the sausage pepper subs tonight... with such high expectations. Tip number 1: Giant's bag of frozen pepper strips are indeed superior in price, on sale for $1 per bag. Yet another lesson of "you get what you pay for." 
Wegman's bag of frozen pepper strips and onions is a whopping $2.69 a bag (same size), however, Wegmans seems to understand that when people buy vegetables, they expect those vegetables to be edible. I think i would have rather eaten that $1 bill and coins over Giant's bitter mess. Ketchup saved the day in the end. Yet another lesson of, "if you don't like it, smother it in ketchup." Of course the sausages were amazing, as always. I took pictures this time though, so you two followers can see what I see. Top pic is a good picture of how to wrap the sausage dough logs like a tootsie roll. That's what those little spaceship deals are. Then we got a picture of the peppers boiling away in their sad little bitter world next to the browning sausage halves. Then, if blogger ever lets me put three pictures up in one post, there is a completed sandwich. Finally, it let me do it. Just not the way I wanted. sigh. What a let down, even a POST about my favorite dinner can't come out the way I expect it to today. There's always tomorrow. Coming soon, a blog post about Black Bean Corn Bread PIE.

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