Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lettuce Give Thanks, for lettuce wraps!

Matt took me out on a date a few weeks ago to PF Changs, where I'd never been but always heard good things about. We ordered vegetarian lettuce wraps, which I was not too pleased about, thinking they were those things where it's like an egg roll only wrapped in soggy lettuce. However, to my great surprise, it came out as the asian version of tacos where you use crisp lettuce leaves as a shell and stuff it with delicious tofu and veggies or whatever. So since then, I've been craving them and decided I NEED to make those at home. I sifted through a few recipes and decided on this one (click) and not because it was a fully disclosed PF Chang copy cat recipe. It looked the best.
Problem number one: I told myself that since the Wegmans only had one extra firm tofu block left, that Firm tofu would be perfectly OK to use as the second block. So I went home with one of each. And I found out it was absolutely not OK to use firm tofu instead of extra firm.

Problem two: The recipe called for "baked tofu," however, I don't "bake" tofu. Never have before, probably won't. And what does that mean, anyhow? DO they want me to bake it before hand, or did they think I would just shell out double the price for pre-baked packaged tofu, even if they DID sell it at Giant.

Problem Three: When I marinated my drained and pressed tofu, all the water I had just pressed out was replaced by marinade. It sucked it all up. So I again had mushy tofu not best for stir frying.

So what eventually happened was an utter mess. Too much oil, the tofu wouldn't stir fry. It became this oily mushy MESS that I ended up straining through a mesh collander to get some of the oil off. I had to fry fry fry the hell out of it JUST to make it somewhat unlike cottage cheese swimming in oil. In the end, it DID taste pretty damn good though.

NEXT time, I will dice and bake the tofu before anything else. and DEFINITELY get extra firm tofu.

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